Alex Wilson - 2013 Volunteer of the Year.  For the giving of his talents in the game of baseball to improve the skills of the players in our league and for his consistency, helpfulness,friendliness ad responsibility shown to our children at all times.  Thank you Alex - we hope you make it to the Big Leagues soon!

Danny Gosnell, Coach of the Year 2013.  For his compassion, patience, encouragement to all players, for perfect attendance for his team at every game and for his uncanny knack at occasionally placing pitches in teh general vicinity of a moving bat.  Thank you Danny for a great season!

October 28th marked the end of the 2013 Fall Season for the Carolina Miracle League.  It was a huge success!  We celebrated by giving our players their monogrammed medals as they rounded home plate.  We had five all star college teams as our buddies, Converse College, North Greenville University, Spartanburg Methodist College, VCom, and Wofford College.  We had cheerleaders from North Greenville University that were a big hit and we're had requests for them to come back.  We had two mascots on the field cheering our players on and three media outlets.  The stands had over 300 people cheering.  A huge thank you go the Spartanburg Country Parks Department, our partners, for their great decorations and help setting up and cleaning up.   

Thank you Push America  

Thank you Push America & Journey of Hope for a great All Star Game & Dinner on August 1, 2013.  We enjoyed having you on the field and look forward to another great game next year.   We also appreciate our grant to continue to grow our program.